Non-Toxic & Biodegradable Industrial Wash

Letter From Our Customer

“We started using SX Oil Lifter in a Standard Allcase spray washer in December 2015. We had been using a product from our oil supplier, but were not happy with the way it removed the quench oil. Our disc type skimmer removed the oil from the top of the bath, but also took excessive amounts of water with it. This necessitated holding the skimmed oil and water in a tank to let it naturally separate. SX Oil Lifter keeps the oil at the surface of the bath and suspends it on top of the water, thus letting skimmer remove very little water with the oil.

We found that once we make the initial charge of SX Oil Lifter to a clean volume of water in the wash, there is NO ADDITIONAL SX Oil Lifter added for 3-4 months of parts washing. The float valve makes automatic additions of water, but no additions of SX are required.

We run our washers at 160 Deg. F, and find that after 3-4 months we need to change the tanks to remove solids that build up in the tanks.

We are running 3 batch and two continuous washers using SX Oil Lifter, and are very please with the results.”

John Vanas – President, Euclid Heat Treating Co.

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